The Horsemen

The fog lies low on the river tonight, darling

Like enough to rain to soak you through.

The air comes cold from the north tonight, darling

Before the dawn you’ll be chilled to the bone.

The dark falls swiftly to earth tonight, darling

Dark that clouds the mind and numbs the soul.


I do notknow when the horsemen will come;

They said they were coming,

It is said they are coming.

It is long since the call went out

And leaping back from hilltop to hilltop

Rang the reply, “We come”.


But the fog still lies low and the air still comes cold

and the dark still falls swiftly and we are still here

where our labor is stolen

our laughter is muffled

our lovers divided

and our hope mixed with fear.


The fog that lies low is each day roused from rest

The dark that falls swiftly is swept to the west

The air that comes coldly is warmed by the breath

of the sun that returns to promise again

that the horsemen who ride with the light will yet come.

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