Oh Seabird

Oh seabird
I have seen you
I saw you for a moment in the dark
playing above the wave
The wind blew; it was a wild night
you floated past me and were gone.

Oh Seabird
come back
my mind cannot show me again
how your wings moved against the dark sea
I cannot bring back your grace
grey and quiet as you floated past

I only remember that you flew so low,
and I saw you for a moment in the dark
playing above the darkening swell
of the sea displaced in the night.

why did you fly that night?
The ocean is not kind
the cruel wind was not merciful.
but you played between them as they grappled.

My ship was high above the water;
I looked down on you from the window
In the shadow-light from the boat
you showed yourself above the cresting wave

You granted me a glimpse of powerful wings
The sea foam showing faintly under you
Your beautiful body caressed by the spray.
You were careless of me as I passed by.

Oh seabird
I saw you!
I have seen you above the foam
with ghost grey wings flaming with joy in the wind
And I hold your image in my mind.

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