Echoes of the Moon

Eyes turned inside out with looking at the hands that never moved

and the mouth so quick to open to the echoes of the moon

when the river flows with water and the body still is borne

like the monkey on the back of man who walks along the shore

and wavelets kiss his soles with echoes of the long sonorous call

of the deep calling to deep from the canyons to the shoals

waving daisies and sea sponges with the swift and gentle sweep

of the ocean turning over in the anguish of his sleep

when the dream comes into focus and the past is still the same

and the agony of knowing binds the heart away again

in the chest with bands of iron on the soft and golden sand

hidden carefully in caverns in an unsuspecting land

with a watcher, ever watching for the war behind his back

but as often as he turns, he sees, spread out upon the rock

his own and silent shadow floating dimly and obscure

over jagged rocks and headlands and waves pounding the shore

high over which the wind blows wild and gulls and blackbirds scream

with the anguished cry of women weeping tears into the stream

for children lost and ashes cold and scattered on the hearth

by the cold that stretched and snarled and fought and stole away their breath

but if the wind stirs up the ashes then the snow will fall like rain

blowing clear and smooth and weighted drifts of teardrops in the way

where the sleighs with bells run swiftly, making paths between the trees

gleaning crystals from the roadsides in the shadows of the leaves.



Usually the things I feel the worst about are not the things I've done that are actually bad - they're the embarassing things, or the things I wish I had done differently.(and no, unfortunately for the voyeurs in my little audience, I won't be posting any of the specifics here!!!!)

What do you do, how do you cope when you feel like a slug impaled on a stick - writhing around but you can't get away?..... and it isn't that you've lied or stolen or anything actually wrong, you just did something embarrasing, or you missed something you ought to have seen, or didn't do something that turned out to be important.And your mind wanders around in a circle and never seems to get anywhere.


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