halfway to somewhere

I flew away and beside me flew the eagle; we went halfway to somewhere but came back again.

We sang in the october blueness of the evening, and the song carried us with the speed of the wind.

We ate cherries in the shadow of the waterfall, where the cool air flowed like peace to the valley.

We chose what we needed, barefoot and ephemeral, and disappeared in a wisp of smoke.

I spoke with my own ghost playing with ghost children, gliding in lazy circles in the setting sun.

We played on the barrows in the innocence of children, touching the beauty of the purple flowers.

We walked on the path beside the road, it climbed and turned and cast thorns at our feet but led only to the past.

We stepped in the stream which flowed from the mountains to the sea and it was cold - cold enough to wound.

The way twisted and curled and our thoughts could not quite be untangled in the falling darkness.

We turned around, for we found no place to rest, and the road continued on but I never knew where it went.

We circled in, giddy from the altitude, looked at each other and saw ourselves reflected there.

We drifted back with the beginning of the story, heedless and singing with freedom and laughter.

In the sweetness of the dusk we almost touched the meaning, but hesitated... and it was washed away on the wings of the night.

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