The White Tower Prologue Part 2: The White Prince

Oh my beloved prince, return again to me!

The white dragon has turned on you her pale green eyes,
And you have fallen...Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
Your armour, pure and glinting in the sun
is hidden from the light, wrapped in the web
which you have used to bind yourself to her.

I am her prisoner, too. Not held by her silken
Threads, but bound with you in impotent longing.
I do not like the pale dragon-song, but I
Have no power to silence an ivory serpent
Singing her visions of exuberance and delight.

Here am I. I wait for the chance moment,
An opportunity. Perhaps the glimmer
of bright red, dropping from the wounds
she has inflicted, could pierce the veil
she has spread, white over your beautiful eyes.

I wait for you, my colours fading to grey.
This white tower is a cruel and cold
place, pure and clean with no stain of life
The song echoes thinly from the glass
But I can hear no grateful warmth or comfort

The dragon-fang has drawn your colour
You are pale and thin, your hand trembles.

Is there colour in your visions?
Is there fire to keep you warm?
Do the marble walls bring comfort?
Do you hear anything but the song?

I am powerless to stop her
or to sheild you from the thirst
I would suffer pain or desire
To give you a moment of peace

Curled in cautious patience, (for even dragons must breathe)
I wait to warm you with my arms and kiss your colour back,
We'll travel far into the sunshine, into the warmth
And let the vibrant world restore your life again.


I am not able to forget your face,
I am not able to leave you to her mercy.

I am yours though fierce the battle
I am yours to the world's end
The white spider's web may hold you fast
but it cannot push me away.

If there is any strength in weakness
If there is any hope in prayer
Then maybe - once - the dragon's tongue may slip
I will wait for the end of the world.

For love is as strong as death.



Luke 2:35 “Behold, this Child is destined for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign which will be spoken against (yes, a sword will pierce through your own soul also), that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”


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