Your bridges burn behind you

there are things you can't come back from; roads you never walk again
there are words you can't unsay; chance that never will return.

sometimes your heart can't take it when you've used up all your strength
when you spend everything you've got in one mad ecstasy of grace

wrap your cloak around your grief and keep on walking, stand up straight
you've lost. But nothing changes now; the chance has long since passed

feel the bridges burn behind you; taste the ashes on the wind
second chances are for dreamers; for a fairy tale end.

every time you spent on credit buying happiness and luck
you only borrowed from yourself and it cost you twice as much.

your body just wears out and you can no longer run the race
and the cost is written deep in the lines upon your face

when the road was running out and you had no more to lend
did you start to wish you'd saved just a little for the end?

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