The Other Side

May I look through your sunglasses
to see the other side of the moon?
It's all the same old world but
All the colours have changed...
If I listen to you I can see the other side.

Turn the moon around and
All the colours are reversed.
When the picture turns around
the negative looks so funny...
When you see me does my hair always look blue?

Can we dive together in the sea
And talk in bubbles down below
See the water from the underside,
And the reflections shimmer backwards
The light is disconnected and bent the other way

talk to me
sing me songs
take me away with you
dance with me
draw me pictures
show me things I never knew

the mirrors covering my blind spots moved
I can see through windows I never knew were there
The self absorbed reflections of myself I always see
Are shifted and I see new and shining visions gleaming in the air...

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