Fire Water Wolf

On either side the smoking canyon
In silent space beneath the sun
Golden children of the northland
Pacing, prowling, hunt alone

A tidal bore of lust and heat
Fire water, salt water
Crushing, cresting up the canyon
Rising water, burning need

Wake the wolf but fight the hunger
Eye to eye the yellow fire
Latent flame of blind desire
Fascinated, hypnotized

Walk the bridge, outrun the wolf
Don't look down, the river boils
hand on thigh, destabilize
The bridge collapses



Free fall to the foaming river
Splashdown in the rising tide
Swirling water, soft as silk
Touch that will not be denied

Whirlpool spinning, dragging down
Crying out, bite your tongue
Slide up the neck, the seeking hands
Loosened hair, mouth on mouth

Insistent hands on yielding shoulders
Pressing down below the waves
Arch against the strength and power
Hold close or else be washed away

Trails of fire from burning fingers
Searching, finding, unresisted
Break the grip, fight the current
Battle with the rising tide

Gasping, flung along the sandbar
Aching muscles, trembling hands
Hot skin scorched by boiling water
Burning in the frozen air

Crawl beyond the waves caressing
Escape along the rasping sand
Look behind you, feel the salt spray
Towering waves come crashing down

Give up all pretense to resistance
Swallowed by the undertow
Raging water blurs the vision
Vault the barrier, tear the clothes

Naked skin to naked skin
Sliding, writhing in the foam
Eyes alight with yellow fire
Burning bright on golden skin

Read the secrets with your fingers
Scars and lies and hidden jests
Entangled arms, entwined legs
Consuming each the others lust

Torn apart by river currents
Cast aside on either shore
Desire aches, unsatisfied
Craving, wanting, needing more

The wolf pursues on both the beaches
Wakened now he gives no peace
Driving till again you walk
The bridge and






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