I Had a Dream, My Friend

I had a dream, my friend;
you shone so bright
and people called your name.
The lights and wires
grew like flowers.
In the nest of wires,
in the heat of the lights,
in the centre of the tumult,
you were there.


I had a dream, my friend;
a dragon breathed.
Flowers of flame grew,
quick and bright in the dark.
In a blaze of glory
around the amphitheatre
in the circle you danced,
engulfed and shining
in a corona of light.

I had a dream, my friend,
of rock and steel
and twisted frames,
of cold things left behind:
a filigree of ashen petals
dissolving in the wind.
The seed is planted
when the earth is barren,
it dies in earthen mounds.

I had a dream, my friend;
A flower grew,
radiant and beautiful,
covering the coiled ruin
in rainbow colour.
In windblown drifts
of merciful beauty
in desolate silence
I walked alone.


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