My own little spot

Stained Glass Window

In the darkness the candle glows coloured
through the pieces of glass by the door
a welcome to strangers and neighbours and friends
to come in and rest for a while

You came past my house in the winter
I opened the door in the night
You came into my house when the wind blew cold
and danced in the firelight


Why won't you come out and play Susie
why won't you come outside
The sun shines bright on the knoll Susie
Why won't you come out and play

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Your bridges burn behind you

there are things you can't come back from; roads you never walk again
there are words you can't unsay; chance that never will return.

sometimes your heart can't take it when you've used up all your strength
when you spend everything you've got in one mad ecstasy of grace

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I Had a Dream, My Friend

I had a dream, my friend;
you shone so bright
and people called your name.
The lights and wires
grew like flowers.
In the nest of wires,
in the heat of the lights,
in the centre of the tumult,
you were there.

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Where are you going

Where are you going
dressed like that,
your blue clown hair
and your scarlet hat?

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Fire Water Wolf

On either side the smoking canyon
In silent space beneath the sun
Golden children of the northland
Pacing, prowling, hunt alone

A tidal bore of lust and heat
Fire water, salt water
Crushing, cresting up the canyon
Rising water, burning need

Wake the wolf but fight the hunger
Eye to eye the yellow fire
Latent flame of blind desire
Fascinated, hypnotized

Walk the bridge, outrun the wolf
Don't look down, the river boils
hand on thigh, destabilize
The bridge collapses



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halfway to somewhere

I flew away and beside me flew the eagle; we went halfway to somewhere but came back again.

We sang in the october blueness of the evening, and the song carried us with the speed of the wind.

We ate cherries in the shadow of the waterfall, where the cool air flowed like peace to the valley.

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The Other Side

May I look through your sunglasses
to see the other side of the moon?
It's all the same old world but
All the colours have changed...
If I listen to you I can see the other side.

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The White Tower Prologue Part 3: The Pale Woman

Colourless fool!

Did you think your prince would run to you
when your dark eyes gleamed from the shadow?
Did you think he looked to you for assistance?
His heart longs for something you cannot give him
Can you look on the world and tell him it is fair?

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