make your ears happy.  or maybe freak them out.  

One Small Child

Matt Mays - Take It On Faith

Loving this today...

You can listen to a bunch more of his stuff here: Matt Mays at CBC3

The Wish - Midnight Fire

Mmmmm - sounds like a classic rocker chick song :)

Midnight Fire - The Wish (Brian Spence, Debbie Spence nee McKenna & Stewart Irving)


Diamond Rings - Free Dimensional

At first blush I didn't think I'd like this much at all... but I just realized I've been playing it now for quite some time on repeat... liking it better each time... listen here.


Zack Hemsey - Vengeance

Julian Smith - Eat Randy

Oh my... this one makes me laugh... I love it. I wouldn't recommend it for the easily perturbed....


Thanks again to Alan Cross and his great treasure chest of music :D

Tom Waits - Hell Broke Luce

A song for Remembrance Day... this sounds a bit too real to me.


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