Run fast.

This is so incredibly painful to watch... I'm really surprised anyone can stomach walking into any church with this sort of nonsense going on.  Watch it now because I'm not sure how long I can even stand to give it the legitimacy of linking to it.


Rules for Christian Music. Explained.

This makes me giggle and wriggle in glee...

Mere Comments from Touchstone

There are some really thought provoking and intelligent people at Mere Comments .... the most recent one I saw was a discussion of the book The Edge of Evolution by Michael Behe

"If this indicates the typical rate of occurrence of double mutations, then the Darwinian transformation of our pre-chimp ancestor into homo sapiens, which would have required at least some double mutations, would have taken at least a thousand trillion years, a time span greater than the age of the universe."

Anyone care to take that one on???

The Virtue of Amiability

An attitude of kindness from someone who was utterly devoted to God.  :

 The virtue of amiability results from the fusion of several strong virtues. It is the all things to all men that grows out of charity: the knowledge of self that humility teaches; the pure detachment found in mortification; the meekness born of patience; and the undaunted courage won of perseverance... The Code of Amiability obliges one:

1. To smile until a kindly smile forms readily on one's lips.
2. To repress a sign of impatience at the very start.
3. To add a word of benevolence when giving orders.
4. To reply positively when asked to do a favor.
5. To lend a helping hand to the unfortunate.
6. To please those toward whom one feels repugnance.
7. To study and satisfy the tastes of those with whom one lives.
8. To respect everyone.
9. To avoid complaining.
10. To correct, if one must, with kindness.



Joan of Arc

I have been reading about Joan of Arc recently - it sounds like the excuse they used to condemn her was basically cross-dressing (ie being a lewd, loose woman!). She was wearing pants, ironically enough, to protect her virtue while in the company of a rowdy group of soldiers. So is the real reason real girls are supposed to wear skirts just an excuse to make sure they are available on demand?????


Read more: Joan of Arc

Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church

When we were at the cabin this summer we went to Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church on Sundays. I have not been following the news within the Christian subculture very closely, but for those of you not following it at all here's the background: The Anglican church in Canada is undergoing a long and painful division over the issue of homosexual marriage and ordination. This is one of the breakaway churches - the Anglicans who will not accept the ordination or marriage of homosexuals within the church and hence have left the Anglican Communion to come under the leadership of the Anglican Coalition (i think it is originally based in Africa... I am fascinated by the idea that it is now deemed necessary for other countries to send missionaries to North America!) Regardless of your personal view on the issue of homosexuality, I think it is ridiculous for anyone who claims to believe what the Bible says to try to argue that the Bible supports it, so I have a great deal of respect for anyone who can... with respect... actually stand by what they say they believe.

The pastor there is named Barkely Mayo and is one of those people who has a history and thinks logically... I'd love to know him better.  His sermons are published on the church website, at least, and are highly worth the time to read:  http://www.redeemerpender.ca/Sunday%20Sermons.htm.


Afraid of the Truth

The article I've linked to below has identified the characteristic which bothers me most about any group of people who claim a religion (religion, by my definition, being any means of explaining why) - those who call themselves Christians, those who call themselves athiests, those who call themselves scientists, and those who call themselves anything else:

Whenever people think they have a corner on the truth, they are afraid to ask any more questions. They will question everything and everybody except their own piece of the truth. I think they build their whole lives on it, and they are too afraid of their lives imploding if what they believe turns out not to be true.

What if it wasn't true? What if your whole belief structure was false? What if God was actually real? What if he wasn't? Maybe your life is built on the sand......

Read more: Afraid of the Truth


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