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When Going Indoors is Not An Option.

"Woolpower under layers, mid layers and socks are produced in Östersund in Northern Sweden. We develop and produce 100% of our products. Woolpower is sold worldwide to professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else who needs to stay warm."

High performance thermal undergarments.   From people who likely actually understand cold.  I want.

"All of us here at Woolpower in Östersund have a great deal of experience with cold weather, cold winters and, most importantly, with how to dress the right way to stay warm in the cold. We would like to share our knowledge of how the human body works when it is cold, and how to best keep it comfortably warm. You can read more here on our web-site or you can order our booklet “Cold facts, Warm Clothing” available in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Russian, German, French and English."

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