Prisons of fundamentalism

I read this today:

I know what they think…they think I can’t really be happy because I’m not doing the “right” thing. They think if I say I’m happy, that I’ve convinced myself I am, but I’m not really. But the truth is, they are the unhappy ones. They have locked themselves in a prison of their own making, full of rules and asceticism and austerity and martyrdom. They say they love their god, but they are the ones who love themselves…because they think following all these rules they made will keep them right with god. They say they are selfless, that everyone else is the self-loving ones, but they are incredibly self-serving. They don’t realize that how to really love someone is to let them be themselves…not molded and pressed and squeezed into what they want you to be. Everything in their little kingdom has to be just right or they will cut you off.

from From Darkness to Light at The Eighth and Final Square

And I have to say that this wasn't my experince.  I've felt that prison, too... but it wasn't from a church.  I think that people wanting to control other people (wanting to be god over them, maybe?) is what is wrong with us as people in general.  I've felt that in school, I've felt that in other groups of people.... a lot of people seem to feel that at church, too.  Its a pretty awful thing.


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