The Jade Canoe

Was out at YVR again today, picking up one of my favourite people and of course visiting my all time favourite sculpture:  The Jade Canoe.   There's a picture of it on the Canadian $20 bills.  It has Mouse woman... and Dogfish woman... and the Raven and the Wolf and the Bear mother with her husband and her children... all from the Haida stories.  Kind of like if someone made a sculpture of, say, an airplane, with characters from our folktales and stories... maybe Robin Hood, and Cinderella, and maybe Pinocchio or some such.  What characters would you include, what do you think would represent who you are?  I think that's what Bill Reid was trying to accomplish here. I'll post a photo soon but until then, here is what the Bill Reid Foundation has to say about it.

Here is a link to a number of Haida stories:


the Bear family


Dogfish woman:


So.  As most of you know I'm moving.  Soon the little House Behind The Church will be the place to find me.  And as this is my first ever house-of-my-very-own, I am having loads of fun planning it... I change my mind regularly of course, but, this being me, some of the ideas are a little off the wall.  My latest flash of brilliance was regarding the music room. (Known to most people as a living room, but since I don't intend to own the television that is the normal centre of such a space I decided to make it a music room, which is what I really want it to be anyway.)  Its going to be green.  All sorts of shades of green.  Think overwhelming West Coast rainforest kind of green.  And in the process of looking for green things, I found some interesting ideas... some of which I agree with, some of which I don't, but these are the ones I wanted to look at again:

    real nature is not green

 cob-house-1 Futuristic Skyscraper green-porno-isabella-rossellini-praying-mantis-sex-photo.jpg vegetables, bowls, art, dutch design, netherlands, Geke Wouters, dried, materials, edible, biodegradable 


And of course there's always a few extra miscellaneous pretty pictures I find:



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