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99 bottles of booze on the wall...

Barcardi Oakheart

BACARDI OakHeart Mmmmm.  Spiced rum.  Rum and I get along very well.  This stuff is less harsh than the Captain or the Sailor. 


I suck at describing tastes, but eventually when I get around to making notes I'll put them here:

Sweet: x/10

Harsh alcohol effect:  x/10  35%abv / 70 proof




Licor 43

Well if 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, then I guess 43 must be one better, right?.  Sometimes called Cuarenta Y Tres.  This is the latest addition to my liquor cabinet... I got it to try making candy corn shots for next Hallowe'en, but since its awfully tasty just to sip, it may not last that long.  Found it at Jake's Crossing in Port Moody.


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